The ‘Client, your and you’ refers to the person ordering the work. “We, OUR and US” refers to Perform Electrical
Services LTD.

(1) Installation

(1.1) All new installation works will comply to the latest wiring regulations in accordance with BS7671 and
any newer amendments in force.

(1.2) All rubbish including rubble will be left with the client in a tidy manor. Unless agreed upon before works
commences. A normal rubbish disposal fee is put place of £3.50 (+VAT) this fee is per a rubble bag
supplied by us.

(1.3) Fault finding may be unsuccessful, in the rare event that this may occur we would make
recommendations to the client on what steps to take next.

(1.4) All materials supplied by us will carry a warranty of 12 months from the date of invoice. Damage weather
it be accidental or on purpose will void your warranty.

(1.5) We offer a 6 year warranty on all our new installation works this will be void if a contractor you or any
other person has worked upon or tampered with the system. This will also be void if there is misuse to
the electrical system or damage has been obtain to the system. We will also not honour any warranty
where an act of god incident has happened.

(1.6) Any making good such as filling, decorating and any other damages caused will not be included in any
quotation unless specified otherwise.

(1.7) Due care will be taken to prevent accidental and unnecessary damage, however if there is accidental or
unnecessary damage, Perform Electrical Services LTD. will not be liable to repair or pay for repairs to any
damage sustained during the scope of the work.

(1.8) Certification can not and will not be given for 3rd party installations

(1.9) Certificates may be released after final payment.

(1.9) The client has 90 days from the final invoice to log any complaints to us.

(1.10) All circuits worked on by perform electrical must comply with the latest wiring regulations and must be
deemed as a satisfactory status before any works commence.

(1.11) Whilst we try our best to clean up, dust rubble and small bits may remain.

(1.12) Main supplementary bonding needs to be in a satisfactory condition be for works commence.

(1.13) Perform Electrical Services have full rights to take pictures of works completed and broadcast them
across the internet.

(1.14) When working on circuits perform electrical services has the right to turn off these working upon.
Perform electrical holds no responsibility for loss of work or damage to equipment not correctly turned
off by yourself.

(1.15) Perform Electrical Services will not work outside in the rain to reduce the risk of electric shock.

(1.16) All accessories but not limited to sockets and switches will be supplied by perform electrical services in a
white plastic fashion unless otherwise stated or quoted for.

(1.17) If you supplies your own materials that are found to be faulty upon installation a fee for our time will
occur this will be £75(+VAT)

(1.18) Perform electrical service will not be held liable for any incorrectly fitted carpets and or floorboards lifted
by us. we may need to run cables under floorboards and lift carpets from time to time. It is your
responsibility to ensure we have put these back correctly.

(1.19) The description and scopes of works may need to be changed without notice. The installation will be left
safe and a variation order may need to be put in place and agreed upon before any works is re

(1.20) Where you supply materials and they are second hand they must be fit for purpose. If they are not a fee
of £75(+VAT) will occur for our time spent.

(1.21) Perform Electrical Services LTD. Working hours are between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday exclusively of
any overtime and deviations to this at our discretion. The client reserves the right to refuse any works
out of the above working hours.

(1.22) Perform Electrical Services will not move any furniture or any other items blocking ways. If the areas
working on are not clear we will move furniture for £75 per an hour (+VAT). We will not be held
responsible for any damages caused by this.

(2) Quotes, invoices, payments and fees

(2.1) All works is subject to a written or verbal quotation before an works commence.

(2.1) All Installation works will be subject to a 30% deposit before any works is undertaken. This 30% deposit
will secure your booking in the diary. A further 20% will be require upon the day works commence.

(2.2) If any works is cancelled at short notice and not amicably agreed up on a cancellation fee will incur of 15%
of the initial works quoted for.

(2.3) All invoices must be paid within 7 days unless specified otherwise.

(2.4) All unpaid invoices will be passed on to our debt collecting agency and will incur fees by them and us.

(2.5) Any Recipes for materials will not be given or passed on.

(2.6) All quotations are given how they are. There will be no break downs of pricing.

(2.7) All payments are to be made via Cash, BACS, card or cheque.

(2.8) All quotations are valid for 14 days unless stated otherwise.

(2.9) No credit will be given and a full payment for works will be required upon completion.

(2.10) If an invoice is outstanding we hold the rights to not continue works or and carry out further works until
paid in full.

(2.11) Scope of works detailed in initial quotation may change.

(2.12) We hold the right to change any price within reason on all quotations.

(2.13) Any changes to certifications will incur an admin fee of £75 (+VAT)

(2.14) Any requests for a second certification where your original has been lost or damage will be charged at
£75 (+VAT)

(2.15) All EICR retests where the client has chosen another contractor to carry out remedial works will be charged
at the full rate.

(2.16) Any Jobs cancelled with no fault of perform electrical services and materials have been purchased. Re
stocking fees and labour fees will incur.

(2.17) By accepting any quotation or ordering works you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.

 (3) Welfare and access

(3.1) Potable running water, electricity and a water closet will be accessible and free of charge. If this is not
possible, any hire charges for equipment or welfare facilities will be passed on to the customer.

(3.2) If no access is gain at the agreed upon date and time then a £75 per an engineer(+VAT) fee will incur

(3.3) Perform Electrical Service holds he right to take a picture of your property where no access has been
gain for proof of this.