Below you will find a list of the questions I get asked on a regular basis.

As an electrician, we get asked many technical questions ones as simple as what is amperage (amps)?


Amperage (amps) is the measurement of current flow (electricity current) in terms of electricity usage, this in short term is very similar to how we measure water flow in terms of gallons or liters.

You may see if you buy an electrical item such as a kettle, toaster or TV, they will have a fuse in the plug. In the UK the most common fuses are.





When selecting an electrician in your local area always ask questions.

Find out if they are part of a CPS scheme such as napitt this ensures your electrician is competent and registered.

Find out they have the correct insurances, we are insured for 5million pound this is 3million above the trade normal.

Look out to see if they are registered with companies house and VAT registered. This gives you piece of mind that the electrician you are choosing are here to stay. 

Perform Electrical Services do attend emergency call-outs but we do not charge a call-out fee.

We operate only between 8 AM-6 PM Monday-Friday. However, we do work closely with other electricians in the Weston-super-mare, Bristol, Burnham, and north-somerset areas. 

So this being said we should always be your first port of call whether you have lost power or if your RCD is tripping.


Some electricians brand themself as "emergency electricians" these in tales they charge a call-out fee. 

If you use one of these out-of-hours electricians you should call them if you feel endangered by your electrics or if you have a loss of power.



Regulations state that RCDS and RCBOS should be tested every 6 months, this was previously every 3 months.


Your local electrical (Jack) recommends that you test your RCD when the clocks go forward and when the clocks go back. This is the best time to test your electrics as you will only have to reset your clocks and smart devices only twice a year. 

We strongly believe that all homeowners should be safe in their own homes! You get your car MOT'D every year because you want to know you are safe on the road, and let's face it we are no mechanics!

So you should get history on your fixed wiring in your home. We offer a full detailed report on your electrics at home (EICR, Saftey certificate)


We completely understand that hiring a qualified electrician in and around Weston-super-Mare can be quite a daunting prospect, but we want to remove our customers' stress. We do this by offering free quotations whether it is over the phone or in person.

We aim to turn around all quotations within 24 hours of our site survey. (Monday to Friday)

All quotations are in writing and agreed upon and booked in the diary.



YES. Anyone carry out electrical installation works should give you a electrical certificate. 

Most works do require certification from your local electrician but some works do not. 

Works that do not is generally accessories changes IE swapping a plastic socket for a steel socket.

We do not charge any call out fee or charge extra for any emergency.

We simply charge a minimum fee of £74.44 plus V.A.T.


- This includes up to an hour of our time.

- In this time we could get your electrics on and find the fault on it. Or simply change a couple of your light fittings you have purchased.

In short terms yes, but they need to be registered as a competent electrician.

Depending on the works they are carrying out there work must be tested and certified by them or a 3rd party.

If its a 3rd party (IE Building control) the officer must check the 1st fix (all cable conditions) this is before any plasterboard or plaster is used to cover cables. Then the officer must check 2nd and 3rd fix before anything is singed off.

Remember any new circuits IE hobs / ovens need to be notified to the local building control along with any alterations done electrically in the bathroom

If in doubt contact a local / registered electrician for advise on what works can be done.

Electrical works carried out in a dwelling and, or buildings with in its surroundings, is notifiable to a local building control body (normally a local council). Works of which needs to be notified is as followed.

  1. A replacement consumer unit (Fuse board / Fusebox) this is your main trips and switches for your property.
  2. Any works weather it be an alteration or an addition in your bathroom or any room classed as a special location.
  3. Then installation of a new circuit. Works such as extra sockets, EV charging points, or a Re-wire


Of course we do! In fact Perform Electrical (your local electrician) have found a niche to specialize in small jobs.

- We will turn up when we say we will

- We will give you a full written quotation before any works is carried out

- We are fully insured and registered as competent electricians through the NAPIT scheme

- We are fully compliant with Health & Safety through CHAS

- Registered with a government TRUST MARK

and most importantly we will treat you and your home with the respect it deserves!


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Commercial electrical installations generally include installation of commercial lighting, extra power for machinery, Extra sockets for the office, commercial air condition supplies, CCTV, Fire alarms, as well as up-gradation or repair of old wirings, Replacement of old accessories and more.

To find an experienced electrician who can handle every aspect of your electrical needs can be hard. Perform Electrical Services offers the best yet comprehensively priced domestic installation services in Weston-super-Mare. They cover a wide range of services including home lighting, Consumer unit installation, rewiring, repair, and up-gradation of old wiring. Although choosing the correct electrician at the right price may be challenging, it is imperative you choose an electrician on the competent persons register. This not only ensures that your making the correct choice, but it ensures you have chosen a competent and registered electrician.